Can't customize Ribbon Layout editor grasshopper rhino 6

I don’t have the option to customize ribbon layout in the last grasshopper version 1 for rhino 6.
How solve it? Thank’s.

A lot of the interface had to be fixed in Rhino6 so that it became screen-scaling aware. The ribbon editor was a huge chunk of interface code that would have taken a long time to do, and it never really worked well to begin with. So it’s gone, can’t get it back.

:frowning: Thank’s! I hope that they can repair it!

I’m not planning to. I have (I think) a better idea, but I doubt I’ll implement it in GH1. It will probably have to wait until GH2.

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Since this option is not there anymore, how can i package a series of User Object in a Grasshopper Toolbar?

The same way you did it before. Just install and make sure to assign them the proper category and subcategory labels when you save them.

A ribbon layout overrides all automatic icon placements, so if you’ve been distributing a layout along with user objects you’ve been using entirely the wrong tool. Anyone who has one of your layouts loaded will not be able to see new plugin icons appear, or other user objects.

The main reason for the layout was to give teachers a way to reduce the ~1000 component icons on the tabs to a more manageable set so new students wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

Thanks David! Clear explanation and now everything is clear



Is there a way to sort the categories in the grasshopper ribbon alphabetically or preferably by a custom order? The subcategories are already sorted alphabetically but I want to do the same for the categories. If not, what determine the order of the categories the way the layout is currently set up, so I at least can use this property to get the categories I create in the order I want?

I’m afraid it’s partially hard-coded and the rest is either alphabetically sorted or inserted based on load-order. I only added sort keys for creating a custom ordering in Grasshopper 2.

But is there no way to control the loading order? If I make a bunch of dummy user objects that belongs to all the different categories I have in my ribbon and loads this library of dummy objects first, will this control the order of categories on the ribbon?

By adding a python script that runs every time Rhino starts which moves all user objects out of the user object folder before Grasshopper starts, and then after starting Grasshopper move them back into the user object folder according to the order I want for the categories they belong to, I am able to control the order of all categories that only consist of user objects, but I still struggle in terms of understanding and controlling the order of categories that includes nodes from grasshopper assemblies. Is there any way to control the loading order of assemblies or whatever property that controls where the category of the nodes in the different assemblies end up on my ribbon? It appears to change all the time.