Can't create surface from curves of vault geometry

Hey there,
I am currently struggeling to create a surface from a series of curves.
Patch, Sweep1 or 2 and other ways to create it didn’t work.

Also tried my luck in Grasshopper using the point to create the curves and surfaces but no luck there either.
Roofstructure.3dm (1.5 MB)

Any ideas and hints are gladly appreciated :slight_smile:


Did you try the command NetworkSrf ?


BTW, I found another set of curves in your file that has 4 unconventional closed curves, and after deleting those curves you can also use NetworkSrf to create the surface,

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Hi Lukas - if you loft just the radial curves in order the edges will follow the same wave as your inner and outer curves.

@Willy_Werkel you have some curves in that set that are joined to copies of themselves, making them closed curves, which will not work. Before you create any surfaces, use


to locate the closed versions of the radial curves. Explode, SelDup, Delete. Then you can loft the remaining ones.


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Worked like a charm, thank you for your help Jessesn!

Thank you very much Pascal, both your solution and Jessesns’ solved my problem perfectly.