Can't close brep!

Hi! This ShapeInBrep is still in red, and the alarm recalls that there is an open Brep, however, when I test the brep, they are all closed. Any idea what might be going on?
Thank you!

shape in (35.5 KB)

if your breps are already closed then there is no need to use boolean union

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I take it back - I see why you’re using the union…and even if you weren’t I suppose the component should still work…

But it’s faulty:

no naked edges found when baked, capping doesn’t work, and boolean union leaves it ‘open’ in grasshopper…is this a bug to track @dale ?

@ffeldsberg, @René_Corella, the second item in the list reports as a closed non-manifold polysurface.

– Dale

Hi @dale ! Thank you very much for your time, but what does it mean?

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Hi @dale, what would you say is the best way to solve the brep that can’t be closed in GH and not in rhino?

This looks like SUnion is doing something that changes a closed Brep to an open one.