Canoe Problem

I am new to Rhino and have been working my way through the 1st Training Manual. I have got as far as the canoe in Chapter 11 which I completed successfully but have a problem with the ground plane. Choosing Automatic for the latter placed the canoe on the water rather than in it. If I changed to the alternative setting the canoe floated but unfortunately it showed the water level both outside and inside the canoe. How do I bail out the canoe?
John R

Hi John -

With the ground plane, you can’t.
You could create a simple plane and trim that with the surface of the canoe.

Here a link containing some links to other posts to help you out getting a good material for water, which can be done on surface you end up with as mentioned in the post above.

Thanks for the reply. Seems the instructions in the Tutorial are over simplified - if I have to do anything like this in future will create my own plane and work from there.

Thanks for the information - the links will be of value to me in future projects,