"Cannot turn off parent of current layer"

Why not? Sometimes I don’t care which layer is currently active, I’m turning a bunch of layers off, and Rhino responds by throwing this annoying spike-strip across my path, forcing me to stop and choose some other (often arbitrary) layer to make active before I am allowed to proceed.

It makes no sense that Rhino won’t allow me to turn the current layer off, but it will allow me to DELETE the current layer or the parent of a current layer (in both cases it asks me to confirm deletion, then simply makes another layer current) - why can’t hiding the current layer be handled a similar way?

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Hi Grant -

I suppose that’s not entirely unreasonable - RH-70584 Layer: Turn off parent of current

I’ll vote for that!

And while you’re at it how about putting the confirmation box near the layer the user clicks on in the list so he/she doesn’t need to cruise the mouse all the way to the center of the screen and back?

Was looking if someone else reported on this.

I also think it is annoying you are unable to hide the current layer.

Maybe show a warning prompt:
“Hide current layer? Yes/No/Don’t ask again”

Same for deleting. Can always undo if you delete by accident?

Well, it’s not a good idea to hide the current layer while it remains current - because that’s where all new geometry goes, anything created would therefore be immediately invisible after creation and we would have hundreds of complaints here. What could happen is like deleting layers now, it would simply make the topmost (oldest?) layer current when hiding the previous current layer.

You can delete the current layer, but you have to answer yes to the warning message. And yes, it’s undoable.

No one is advocating hiding the current layer while also having it remain current - that would be absurd. If I’m trying to hide it I obviously don’t need it to remain current, and if I haven’t selected a particular layer to be the new current layer, it follows that I don’t particularly care which layer is current (such as when viewing a file without editing it).

In that situation I would be happy if Rhino simply picked the next visible layer in the list to be current, when I’m ready to make edits I’ll check that the appropriate layer is current.

I’d be even happier if, when I try to hide the current layer (or its parent), Rhino offered a choice:
a) Make next visible layer current (for when it doesn’t matter)
b) Pick a specific layer to make current (for when it does matter)
c) Switch to a predetermined layer (I always have one called ‘Default’ which I never hide)

  • plus a ‘Do this every time and stop asking me’ checkbox.

Anything would be better than the “You cannot do this perfectly simple thing!” popup.

I understand it doesn’t make any sense to have the current layer invisible, if you are drawing in it.

However consider this situation. Happens a lot to me in my work environment:

I am working on a complex 3D model with many different parts. (Which I usually put in different layers). Then a colleague walks in and asks me a question about one of those other parts. In this case I quickly want to hide the current layer. Make a different layer visible to show my colleague.

I also hide/unhide the current layer often, to verify if all expected objects are in the current layer. (When copying geomtries around between parts, they often get lost in the wrong layer, I know this is a “me-problem” :slight_smile: )