Wish: turn off current layer/create entities on 'off' current layer

Would like the ability to turn off the current layer. Constantly having to make another layer current in order to hide the contents of the layer I’m working in has been super tedious for going on 20 years now.

In our old autocad days, this was a thing. I miss that ability. I know many will complain that this will allow creating objects on an ‘off’ layer, but I don’t see this as an issue.

Any chances of implementing this as an option in settings someday?

I know there all kinds of isolation and macro doohickeys for this, and I use them at times. But this more top level solution would be more flexible IMHO.



definitely +1

Hi Robert - I would not, as they say, wait under water for this change… but I can , I think, make you a one-click tool that will set any layer as current and turn of the previous current layer - would that be helpful?

OffWithTheCurrentLayer.py (576 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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I think this will be easily implemented if there was a GUI for all commands, like in Rhino for Mac.
There you can add a dropdown, or treeview of all layers/layer structure and pick the one you want this new object to go to. Hidden/Locked/Active or not.

BTW, I use moving objects to hidden layers a lot in my scripts and it is very useful indeed.

i dont understand, this seems such a natural essential tool. sometimes you want to get an overview of how you want to proceed, getting complex models out of the way is something i often do. having to do it in an unnecessary complicated manner as described activating a different layer to hide this then to reactivate that layer again to proceed… really that does not have to be…

i think that could be handled that the layer gets simply reactivated when you start drawing on it as a suggestion. since hiding the current layer might mostly or solely be used to get a quick overview, it would mean that one might want to proceed modeling there anyway.

@pascal I have not been holding my breath since 2019 don’t worry!!!
BUT I would still love this feature implemented. It might be one of the most constant ‘little’ things that add up to hours of wasted productivity every year.

I simply want to turn off the current layer w/o having to first make another layer current.

Your python script above, while handy, is not a great solution to the issue of convenient interface upgrading, as much as I like it for other uses.

This ‘feature’ was standard in autocad and was HUGELY helpful for workflow of review/creation/design/layer mgmnt, etc etc etc.

Thank you again for any ‘pumping of water’ you could put towards this one someday…