Cannot turn OFF Mesh Wires in Shaded Mode (BUG)


in the current wip, if i click on the checkbox to turn OFF Mesh Wireframe display from the display tab, it turns them off for one second, then after this second, the checkbox is checked again. If i go to

RhinoOptions / View / Display Modes / Shaded / Objects / Meshes

and set the Wireframe Thickness value to zero, it also switches back to 1. Even when i quickly close the dialog, it switches back.

If i disable mesh wireframes from:

RhinoOptions / View / Display Modes / Shaded / Visibility

i can close the dialog, then after 1 second it also switches that back on. I´m running out of options i guess.



Ups, i´ve not seen it. Thank you @wim !


@JohnM this looks like another related issue with display modes and settings