Cannot Solid Union Pipes

Hey, guys, I’m trying to use Solid Union for multiple pipes with different radius. But the Solid Union shows ‘Boolean Union set is empty’ , while the brep looks pretty good to me.


This error happens under most occasions but sometime it works, as shown in the following picture.

I don’t really understand what causes this error and how to fix it.

When I try to bake the pipes and use bool union in Rhino window, part by part, sometimes it will show ‘Intersection curve ends at a non-manifold edge’ like in the following picture.

Could anyone provide help or explanations?

sole_solid_generation_temp.3dm (348.0 KB)

Sole lattice structure FootPressure_1 - (54.3 KB)

UnionTrail_Sucess.3dm (14.5 MB) (51.1 KB)

this looks like a perfect case for a MultiPipe showcase :smiley:

Sole lattice structure (66.1 KB)

as brief comment on the matter with classic Pipe, I honestly would not expect solid union to work succesfully on such a complex array of Breps
I don’t know how the Solid Union component is implemented in GH, and I have this -probably wrong- idea that in cases like this one it might be worth to give a try sorting the Breps in such a way the next one in the list always compoenetrates with the previous on?
but mine is a thought without a base, as I don’t really know how it works under the hood :slight_smile: thinking like to sort the Pipes following BFS on the topology of the curve network or something like that, will give it a try soon or later, just out of curiosity

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Hi, Inno,

Thank you so much for the quick response. I’ll definitely try the MultiPipe!I actually used multipipe before but the cross-sections of the MultiPipe vary too much which could bring some trouble to the mechanical analysis to me. So, pipe function is still prefered. If this pipe error is not so easy to solve, maybe we will switch to MultiPipe in the future.

I really appreciate your quick response.

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interlattice v1.step (5.6 MB)
Export to Fusion.
Just need 1 second.

or shrinkwrap in Rhino 8 :slight_smile:

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