Cannot set a curve in a block to GH input parameter

Hi, In Rhino command such as sweep2, I can set a curve even if it exists inside a block.

but In Grasshopper, I cannot set a curve in a block to GH input parameter.

I hope to do it.

I have never had to do it, but I know Human has some components to explode blocks. I’m sure you could extract the geometry you need from there.

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i use elefront to access blocks.

In this definition i’m sorting the types of curves in the blocks, layers and user data are accessible as well.

Thank you for useful links,

but it seems complex way for me, what i hope to do in GH.

I hope to Pick a Curve from a block by Mouse Click , because many curves exists in a block.

And When I change control points position in the curve in a block or when I move ( transform operation) block instance,
I hope output geometries in Grasshopper to follow these input curves using such as simple method like LOFT, Sweep or etc.

Thanks in advance.

I’m looking into the same right now, it doesn’t seem to be possible to select a specific brep that’s inside a block by manually selecting. The more I work with blocks the more I realize how buggy/non functional it is. There’s some nice advantages but also some pretty big downsides apparently.

Human has tools to access the contents of blocks I believe.

Yes, somebody else mentioned that as well above but when I had a look at it I couldn’t really find what I need, unless I’m looking over it. I wish there was an input component where I can manually select which object in a block I want to link with grasshopper without having to explode the block.

This worked for me:

Put the block in a specific layer. Feed the layer name into Humans Dynamic Geometry Pipeline component along with the type - Block. Connect this up to Humans Explode Blocks Recursively component. Then you can flatten the output, and use list item to get the object you need.

It’s not perfectly what I was after but it might be usable. Thanks a lot for the workaround!