Block object inside .gh file

I use an Elefront plugin to work with blocks.
And I would like to save the BlockObject inside the .gh file.
I can’t figure out how to do it.
Parameter “extend geometry” in Elefront does not have “internalise data”

I would be grateful for any help. (3.2 KB)
BlockObject.3dm (605.7 KB)

The only way I can think of is deconstructing the block and internalizing it by parts.

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Thank you, it really works! But I need a circle (curve) which is located next to the block. Is it possible to add it to “extend geometry”?

Now “set multiple extend geometries” destroyes

After “bake” I get polysrface. I need the original block after “bake”. Is it possible?

Let’s talk about 2 different things:

  1. an Instance Definition is the cookie cutter i.e. a “template”. When a Trans (+ insertion pt) is used then …

  2. … an Instance Reference is placed in the active doc: i.e. a cookie. This carries always the Trans info (see line 105 below).

The following demo code samples (in a DataTree of GeometryBase Type) geometry of any Instance Reference found in a given doc (OK that is not a rational thing to do … but it’s just a demo) :

So in real-life you’ll need an identification (via highlight?) of the Reference to work with (i.e to get the Geometry). Plus (case Nested stuff - that’s the norm in real-life) you’ll need some other things as well. Plus you’ll need a work mode: Definition or Reference?

You can also sample the Geometry of the cookie cutter (the Definition). Have in mind that any Reference (child) is due to a Definition (parent) … meaning that the cookie cutter related Methods are always at your disposal.

Notify if you need an entry level C# on that matter.

Thanks for the idea and details.
But I think this will complicate my task.
I learned to add a block to the definition, looks like it works.
The only thing I feel difficult — I can’t put the block and the curve at the same time within the definition, without the use objects inside Rhino scene (3dm file).

It works if bake and assign it to ExtGeo (set multiple extend geometries)

I tried to connect the node with the curve and with the block to the ExtGeo, but it doesn’t work. Connections become dashed lines

May I ask to help to сombine “a curve and block” into a heap, and make an Imitation “set multiple extend geometries”?

block and (64.1 KB)
block and curve.3dm (681.9 KB)

Your def is using stuff unkown to me (I don’t use any add-on other than K2). Thus you’ll need someone who doesn’t use code.

I use Elefront for block — ExtGeo node.
And the same story if I if use polysurf Instead of a block and Geometry node by Grashopper.

I have no idea what this thing does … but appears to me that you should contact the person who did it.

BTW: you still talk about a “block”. What this means? The Definition (stored in a Table and not visible in views) or References of that? (visible in views).

I do not know anyone person who understands this.
I’ll wait, maybe someone will see it and can help.

Аnyway I need an Imitation “set multiple extend geometries” to Elefront ExtGeo node.


I got it!
I set Flatten. Now it works :slight_smile: