Cannot Select Surfaces

Hi there.
Currently I am working on a render for which I want to organize surfaces by layers, however, I cannot select a sigle layer from a group of surfaces. Originally, it was a group of 5 polysurfaces, I exploded them and currently they are 44 single surfaces. Despite they are single surfaces, when I select any of them, all are inmmediately selected together.

I checked other forum’s entries that talk about Selection filter and locked objects/layers. I have already tried that. Unfortunately, as this is an industrial product I cannot share any picture of the model, but I show you the selection filter, layers and commands history. All this, to discard solutions related to Unlock and SelFilter.

I have to mention that this is an old model not created by myself, so I do not know if these models were imported with a special configuration, or if that is possible.


Cmd History


Hi Daniel -

This sounds like they are grouped, in which case ungrouping should do the trick.

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Thank you, Wim. It did the trick.