Cannot select on canvas after running some components

After running certain Elefront components in grasshopper, my ability to select components, move the slider-bar in the panels and perhaps a few other related UI features is disabled.
I can save the file, and zoom in/out but cannot right-click on anything, for example.

It usually occurs when using Elefront to bake an object (in my test case a block), and most recently occurred when exporting objects directly from Grasshopper.

The solution is to close and restart Rhino.

Has anyone else experienced this??

It’s a longlasting issue because GH fails to deal with mouse events after window focus is transferred during an interface event.

Solution would be using Toggle, or third-party solutions, like True-only Button from Pancake, to replace Buttons. These may not work with all scenarios, though.

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Hi, this issue has been only happening with Human and Elefront. But after I updated to Rhino 7, it happnes here and there, even with general components not a Button. Is it only me?

So far I have noticed it only with Elefront and will keep my eye-open for other occurrences.

My workaround is to reformat the tool so users have to click the ACTIVATE or BAKE button directly on the Elefront component.