Right clicking components on external monitor

Hello, this is not a huge issue, but just kind of annoying and would love if someone could fix it for me. I have been working in grasshopper a lot and lot using my huge external monitor to comprise the grasshopper canvas so I can see much more of my script (I keep rhino window on my laptops built in screen). I have ran into an issue doing this though because while navigating the canvas on my external monitor the right-click menu will not appear when I prompt it too. Grasshopper is recognizing the click because it works fine on my built in monitor, but I think there might be an issue when the canvas is scaled up on my big 4k monitor. The screen freezes like it would when the menu pops up, but it is just not visible on this monitor.

Anyone know how to fix this? I couldn’t find many menu settings in the preferences.

Hi - I’ve put this issue on the list as RH-64013.
Thanks for reporting.

UPDATE: This appears to have been fixed in the latest public 7.6 release candidate. Change your update frequency to “Release Candidate” and install the latest version.

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I can confirm the issue is fixed in 7.6.21117.09002

This was driving me up the wall. I had no idea it was an external monitor thing :sweat_smile: