Cannot Move to a Sublayer

I have somehow created sublayers that I cannot move objects to. Note that the Surfaces layer has two sublayers in the list at the top but none in the dropdown at the bottom.

How do I correct that?

It seems a bit odd, though you do have a lot of layers & sublayers with the same name. Not that I am one to talk …

I do have a tendency to put a suffix or prefix so most of my layer & sublayer names are a bit different.

Don’t know what to say, mine seems fine here.

Big Jim, when you select the desired objects to move, can you go to the Layers window and Right Click on the target layer, selecting Move Objects to this Layer?

This is the method I use most frequently, without problems.

If not, perhaps you can post your file so others can test?


I ended up creating new layers and moving the sublayers to the new parents. All gone but it was really strange.

I heard about this from one other user, and they worked around it the same way.
That’s unfortunate since without an example, we can’t identify the problem and fix it.

Please, when you find something broken like this, save a copy of the file in it’s broken state and send it to us with the details.

Without examples, problems will not get fixed.