Move objects on sublayers to a different parent layer

I’m wondering if there is a method to move a collection of objects that are on various sublayers from one parent layer to another.
For example, I have modeled several objects on Shape 4 Details sublayers, but I want to move them all to the exact same sublayer tree under 04a Pilothouse.

The parent layers have the exact same sublayer structure, so it is just a matter of changing the parent layer name.

Hi @jcparks,

It may be that someone has developed a plugin or written a script to do this, but in the absence of such a tool you can only move the items on one layer at a time. Let us know if you want guidance on how to do that.

And just to clarify your intent:
The hierarchy under ‘Shape 4 Details’ has layers that don’t exist in the hierarchy under ‘04a Pilothouse’. If there are objects on, for example, ‘Outlines and Cutouts’ would you expect a layer of that name to be automatically created in the destination tree?


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I have some coworkers that are RhinoPython wizards, I just didn’t want to overlook any obvious ways to do it with standard toolset before bothering them.