Cannot Merge three surfaces at a center curve and different color for each edge of a surface



I have been trying to merge three surfaces at a single curve since three days. I am new to Rhino. Also, I extruded the letter T in one direction and got a surface. Merge three surface at the center curve.3dm (105.5 KB)
I have been trying to have a different color for all edges but having trouble.


You are trying to create a “non-manifold” surface which is not allowed in Rhino.


Thanks. Is there any 3d software that can solve my problem?


Why do you need that type of surface? What are you trying to accomplish?


I am doing a research in topological robotics and I need to find the cartesian product of TxT. Here, the first image that I have to achieve and then I have to somehow change it into figure 2.


You could Group the two or three individual surfaces, and then manipulate the group.

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Hi Chintan - you cannot merge these into a single surface but you can join them into a single brep using

Does that do it?



Oh, thanks. I didn’t know you can do that.


Thanks. I tried it, It worked.