Cannot Merge three surfaces at a center curve and different color for each edge of a surface

I have been trying to merge three surfaces at a single curve since three days. I am new to Rhino. Also, I extruded the letter T in one direction and got a surface. Merge three surface at the center curve.3dm (105.5 KB)
I have been trying to have a different color for all edges but having trouble.

You are trying to create a “non-manifold” surface which is not allowed in Rhino.

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Thanks. Is there any 3d software that can solve my problem?

Why do you need that type of surface? What are you trying to accomplish?

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I am doing a research in topological robotics and I need to find the cartesian product of TxT. Here, the first image that I have to achieve and then I have to somehow change it into figure 2.

You could Group the two or three individual surfaces, and then manipulate the group.

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Hi Chintan - you cannot merge these into a single surface but you can join them into a single brep using

Does that do it?


Oh, thanks. I didn’t know you can do that.

Thanks. I tried it, It worked.