Merge Multiple Surfaces

Could you please tell me how to merge multiple surfaces? I can join two surfaces. But I have many which is taking lots of time.

Hi Na Maruf,
Merge and join are two different tasks in rhino:

  • merge welds two surfaces into one that can’t be exploded (can work with only two surfaces at a time)
  • join takes some surfaces toghether and makes a polysurface tha can be exploded

I think that you need to join the surfaces but the command doesn’t work.
Probably the edges are too far or the tolerance is too small…
We need an example to understand where is the problem.

PS when running a command, if you press F1 the Help will open reporting an explanation about the command so you can check if you are using it properly.

Use “Brep Join” in grasshopper.

No, I know about join. I have extruded a line. then the srf has become a polysrf. but I want to make a single surface. I have exploded the poly surface and now I am merging two by two. If I merge two surfaces, it does well. but it is taking time for many surfaces altogether. I would like to make a single surface.

Make polysurface first, then extract the boundary (dupborder) and make a planar surface from that boundary.

Hi @mohammadmarufuddin
If you extrude a line and the result is a polysurface then the line is a polyline.
First of all run SimplifyCrv and simplify the curves that you need to extrude.
This should solve your problem from the beginning.
After that, if you need to merge all coplanar faces on polysurfaces that are in your model, run MergeAllFaces (all the faces that are on the same plane are merged together).
If that’s not what you need, please send a capture screen or a file.