Cannot load


for some (to me very strange) reason I can no longer connect to on my desktop. My Android phone, using same Wifi, nevertheless can.

  • This is true for FF, IE and Edge. (Win 10 Pro)
  • Ping loses all packages.
  • Tracert gives: (I got timed out close to Santa Clara…)
  • I also tried some phones’ headers for the browser without success.
  • netsh winsock reset
  • netsh int ip reset
  • sfc /scannow (Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations…)
  • latest driver for wireless card
  • using Ethernet

Nothing works and the same, btw, seems to be true for and

And I think it started after I updated Windows yesterday: KB3188128, KB890830, KB3189866

Edit: My hosts file is also empty.

Edit: net stop MpsSvc and turning off Windows Defender are also also not working.

Perhaps the server is just down?

But I can read on my phone. And people are posting. So, I right now think, Windows with all updates thinks Ning is malicious. But that’s a wild guess…

I can confirm … there are some problems… Also from my pc is not possible to view… The problems started from monday 12… I think is not a problem of your Win installation. I tried with 3 coumputers in our company… always the same problem.
For now, I can suggest you to view through a proxy site… like (like I’m doing), I’m waiting an answer from my ISP, I will update this post when I will receive more informations.

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Here it’s back after 36 hrs. I think the most annoying part is, that they have and it didn’t say anything. So you start investigating on your side. And hours later you find out there is nothing.