Cannot load "os" module in python in Rhino WIP



Most recent Rhino WIP. with IronPython

2.7.5 (IronPython 2.7.5 ( on .NET 4.0.30319.42000 (64-bit))

when “import os” in GhPython or python editor in Rhino, system will give:

Similar issues happened before:




@xliotx, hm not able to reproduce the error over here using (6.0.17030.8011, 30.01.2017):

This is the built in editor. Do you have the module listed in the location above ?



Yes I have. But still errors.


@xliotx, did you manually install IronPython in the past ? (If so uninstalling that might help according to the links above).

btw. sys.version prints this over here:

2.7.5 (IronPython 2.7.5 ( on .NET 4.0.30319.18063 (64-bit))



Please refer to my original post.

Uninstalling/Reinstalling IronPython 2.7.5 doesn’t help.

(Steve Baer) #7

Rhino 6 python does not currently work if you have a separate installation. You would beec to completely uninstall IronPython


I did uninstall the IronPython I installed separately. I did.
Still not working.

(Steve Baer) #9

I’m pretty sure there has to be some interference with another copy of IronPython. Have you seen Giulio’s post on this topic? Maybe that would help.


No it didn’t.

I tried the method in the post, no luck.

I think my problem is even I uninstall independent IronPython, Rhino still report the errors.
Either it is a problem of Rhino, or some part of my system is wrong, which I cannot find.

(Steve Baer) #11

I’m assuming by the another thread that this issue is resolved.