Cannot import stl file into Rhino 3D

Hi-- I’m new to Rhino 3D. I have a .stl file that I would like to import into Rhino for basic measurements. Every time I try to import the file, though, I get an “STL File Read Error”, which states “Unable to open STL file”

Is there something I’m missing?

@Nick_Trivedi, can you post the file ?


I suspect your STL is an ASCII format that originated on a PC instead of binary format which is cross platform. If you have a text editor on your Mac that can save it back to Mac formatted text, that might work.

Hi all, thanks for the responses. I really appreciate the help. Attached is a link to the file.

this version should be importable to Rhino for Mac :

1238 Left (9.5 MB)

i just opened it in Xcode then saved it… (as per @cdordoni’s suggestion)…

interesting enough, Xcode acts as a 3D viewer on the original .stl you shared

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