Can you undo Make 2D

I used Make 2D and now all my surfaces are gone :frowning: Is there a way to undo this command?

Hi Christine - Make3d should not do anything to your surfaces, it just creates new curves (Drawing) from them. The curves may not be near the surfaces, so Zoom Extents to see everything… ?


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your fast response. Is there maybe a bug or something else that happened? The file is totally messed up now. I used to have a total rendered view of a bag. The body of the bag was a surface on the layer “molded leather.” (The parents are in purple there so thats where it would be and its not a view issue). I’ve attached 2 screenshots now with that layer hidden and on. Turning the light on and off slightly changes the shading on the strap, which is odd. But I can’t get that surface back or any of the other surfaces.



I’ve had some commands change my viewport setting from shaded to wireframe after the command runs. Could that be what is happening here?

Regardless, I’ll try to look out for that behavior and report it in the bug thread.

OK, thanks. I played around with the views beforehand and it didn’t seem to help. Thank God for Time Machine. I just went backwards and grabbed the file before I ran the command.

That black box around everything in the screenshot is a mystery to me, too. It all the sudden showed up in all my files. I quit and restarted Rhino and that made it go away.

Thanks again!