Can this python script be possible to grasshopper component correctly?

Hi everyone, currently, I am doing a research on the differential growth. In this thread, David introduces a simple way on differential growth with growing disk, but there is a section using python script to converse plankton mesh to rhinomesh. I wonder if it can be translate to grasshopper components correctly as well, since I don’t know python. Here is the original (14.9 KB).
Here is the file I work (17.3 KB)

No, because you will need loops. Your options are script, anemone plugin, or kangaroo.

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply, I try to use anemone plugin and kangaroo2 to create loops. But it comes out with kangaroo error or the new geometry can not be incrementally added on to the loop.

I think you can only use anemone with the zombie kangaroo component so you can control iterations. However, the entire process is possible with just kangaroo. It’s in the example files called as Curly Kale

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Here’s the definition Michael mentions.
Doing it this way is slightly different to adding faces iteratively, since here all the faces are created at the start, with different sizes, then the buckling is caused by changing their edge lengths to be the same, but in the end the effect is similar.

Here’s the original discussion on the old forum:

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Thanks, Michael, and your suggestion. I tried with zombie kangaroo and anemone, but it still comes with kangaroo error when the python script component is removed (3.5 MB)

Thanks for your definition and suggestion. I wonder if there is a way to achieve a result similar to that approach by adding faces alliteratively.

I tried to give using weaverbird to add more mesh faces in your definition, but the edge can not be control to grow the buckling like the one with iteratively face added. (11.0 KB)
You can get more complex surfaces by adjusting the settings.
Here’s an altered version, including a timer to control the gradual growth, as it can be hard to increase the slider gradually enough by hand.


Thanks for your file, Daniel. It works. Since I don’t have rhino 6, so I just replace the multiplication with the one in rhino 5.