Can someone please help me achieve this kind of metaball 2d effect?


I would like to achieve this kind of metaball 2d effect:

Can you please help me?


Hi Mirko!

Your posted example looks like flowlines ( ).
I think with this plugin, you can easily generate these kind of pattern.
Another approach would be to use loops like in Anemone to generate this pattern.


There are a couple of metaball components in the mesh>triangulation tab of Rhino 6 (not sure about gh for Rhino 5). The function seems pretty straightforward, but don’t hesitate to ask if it is unclear.

Thank you very much Burnaye! This plugin looks really cool! I’ll definitively try it out!

Thanks Roland! I’m curently using rhino 5 and i didn’t know that rhino has these kind of features. I’ll check it out!

Incase there is any confusion, Grasshopper is standard in Rhino 6 so the metaball component exists within that version of Grasshopper. I don’t know when it was introduced but these pages from 2013 use metaball components so I guess it existed back then already.

So maybe check if it available to you?

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Flowlines was before grasshopper added field components. These can now be achieved via grasshoppers native field components found in the vectors tab.

Maybe you could contour some distorted surface

ah okay I get it. It has the same effects/appearance, but I have the feeling that the plugin is much more faster than the native field components.

The first def is great, thanks a lot! I’ll try to tweak something out in my rhino 5.