Can RhinoScriptEditor be replaced with 3rd party IDE?

Is there IDE out there that can run PythonScripts in Rhino?
Alternatively is there a way to connect RhinoPythonEditor with GIT / SVN / visualstudio services so I can continue working on the same code from different locations?

Perhaps using the code from this thread is the answer:

You could always use git at the command line to deal with the files that RhinoPythonEditor edits.

I’m personally using PyCharm to edit my files and then running the scripts using a single line Rhino macro:

-RunPythonScript <path and name to my .py file>

My workflow is that I switch back and forth between my editor and Rhino, hitting the space bar to re-run the macro that calls the script.

It’s also possible to launch Rhino with a command line option to run your script, but you have to wait for Rhino to startup:

rhino.exe /runscript="-RunPythonScript "

I any tighter integrate probably requires using the .NET interface.

BTW, for PyCharm, it’s important to set the project interpreter to Python2.7, even though it’s not being used (to get the syntax highlighting working properly)


Check this out

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