Python IDE/workflow for newbie

I am struggling to get set up. I have run into limitations scripting in a GH component, and in the Python script window in Rhino. I have downloaded PyCharm and got it running IronPython, but the instructions beyond that… those breadcrumbs have been scattered by time. I also tried downloading a few other IDEs, but they turned out to be dead ends as well.

Does anyone have a workflow that allows them to edit and debug python while being able to see what it means in a Rhino window? Or anything even close to that?

I cannot tell from what’s available online if RhinoInside for python is intended to help with this or not. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance-

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You may want to look into visual studio code. It has an extension called “RhinoPython” that looks like it might suit your needs. As for my workflow, I typically just script using visual studio code in a separate development directory that has been set up to use git, then copy the files into the plugins folder for testing.

Thank you, @Greg_Bossons. Your answer came in right as everything went haywire at work. I have not had time to try out your suggestion, but I will.

Embarrassingly, I had been trying to use Visual Studio, not realizing the word ‘code’ at the end meant a different product all together. I just thought that all the comments I had come across about it, which were several years old, referred to a deprecated version! No wonder none of the advice I saw made any sense.