CAM Recommendation sought

What is a good toolpathing programme for Mac’s?

To run what? There really aren’t many options…

…to generate cnc toolpaths for Rhino models - i think like rhino cam does on windows - so I have rhino on my mac I do a model , and want to do toolpaths for cnc.
I don’t think there’s a mac plugin but that’s what I need to know…
Maybe I can export the model to a third party programme on the mac …I don’t know of any…

Yeah, so what’s the CNC you want to program? You don’t need CAM software unless you’re literally the person who will be operating the machine.

the machine is an SD6090 (24"36") .
I do hobby work on it.
I have a windows programme that accepts models and does toolpathing and saves G code files on a USB. The USB plugs into a hand controller and I run the G code files.
I’m looking for a Mac programme to do the same thing.

Have you tried out Fusion 360?