3d printing tools for rhino? bool, analyse and turn?

Hi everyone,

i have some questions and some solution at the same point i am too dump myself to script :wink:

We have 4x 3Ds OneTouch 3D Printersā€¦ we already printed a lot of complex arch models with it, but it was always some enormous work to be prepared.

what i always do for my projects, i create a seperate 3D Print model.
its modelled that way it is well printable. it has thickness in order the printer uses optimal material and time. So my result is a big, booled together mesh model, that should not have any holes.

ā€¦ so now here comes the point where i miss some functionalitys that could make life easyer:
(ā€¦the printers have a 20cmx20cmx25cm print space. wich means we have to cut the Model into pieces. )

  • Its like putting a 20x20x25 raster over it and cutting it into cubic selections.
  • then we rotate every piece to the ground so that there are most objects in the cube under 45Ā° (ā€¦ because we print without supporting structure. this is faster, cheaper and if you think well you always finde a position thats optimal for printingā€¦ )

so coulnt this be automated? rasterize it, cut it (bool diff), and then analyze it and rotate, export as seperated file and leaving a filename on the floorplan?

some plugin as rhinoNEST but just for 3D printingā€¦ and 3D printers always have a limited spaceā€¦ I think some Script, Plugin that cuts, orients and prepares files for print would be useful.

what do you think?

here some footage how we print with no support mat.
Printer printing

@stevebaer Deja vu all over again? :smiley:

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i did not find on the search something. just talking of filling edges and stuff.

is there already a topic?

Sorry. Inside joke. Steve is the guy who brought Rhino 2D printing into the 21st century.