Can Rhino 6 import models to Archicad 23?

Hi Guys,

Was just wondering if Rhino 6 in completely supported by Archicad 23 and beyond?

I have downloaded the Grasshopper/Archicad 23 live connection plugin to archicad however I am having some issues with the Interoperability, open and hotlink options to import a model. Even when using the import as object option I get the message ‘The selected 3DM file could not be imported - Unable to successfully process the file, try checking with the original author’

Am I missing a plugin or a step in between to allow the model to transfer over?

Nope, use Rhino5 to hotlink… I have no idea why that is, you can use the connection plugin for GH in rh6.
Beyond: I haven’t tested 24 yet, I will get back to the topic when I did.

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I tried merging a v6 file into AC24, no luck either.
It seems to me then, that for merging/hotlinking we are still stuck to rh5…

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Damn that’s a bit of a bummer. You would have thought that the plugins would already be in the software since rh5 has the plugins. Thankyou @furtonb for the advice and head up for AC24. Will have to get Rhino 5 installed and transfer my model over from rh6 first to then merge/hotlink.