Can not open C# Script component when running from Revit

Unable to open c# component in Revit Rhino.Inside
It works fine if I just open without Revit,
It works fine for Python in both cases,

Hey @michaldengusiak
Do you get any errors? Which RiR version are you running?

No errors, just does not open

Work In Progress (7.0.20035.14285, 02/04/2020) Commercial
GH 1.0.0007

Hey @michaldengusiak
Would you mind getting the latest build and test please?

thanks a lot @eirannejad for looking at this , I just tested and still does not work for me :thinking:

Hey @kike This is a little beyond me. There are no errors. Does it help to collect Revit envirnment info like other addons and maybe look into conflicts?

@kike @eirannejad
I still have problem with this, does it work for you? if you guide me what you need I can send you some logs