Can moving around objects introduce errors?

For rendering purposes, I want to move around an object in many different orientations and positions. Say, I do movements and orientation changes like crazy:

Can these actions cause rounding errors to accumulate and in the end make the vertices in the object turn bad?

Hi Feklee- I doubt you will see a problem but if, before you begin moving things around, use NamedPosition and set a ‘home’ position for all of your objects and lights, they can then be restored at any time.


This solution does not seem awesome. I would be less worried about rounding errors and much more worried about all the other things that I’m sure I would do when attempting this approach to get views. I know that I would hide something, or turn something off, then move the model, and that guy that was off would then be orphaned, and I would probably do this multiple times. Then I would try and snap it back, but because my model is now at a funny angle so I could get the view I wanted, I would probably snap to the wrong thing, or snap to a near or a perp instead of an end or a mid. That kind of stuff.

I would say try the grouping of lights with the camera widget before you try going down this road. And if you find that you do need to do this, save a version of the model specifically for this.