Bug: object changes back / points on wrong spot


I’ve got an object (mesh) that i edited with a boundingbox.
If I move it or pointson / extractpt the points of the mesh are still on the old position and undo the edit with the boundingbox.

Ill add the file and some screenshots. Anyone know how this can happen?

This happens when I move it:

This happens when I extractpt:

This happens when I pointson:

bug.3dm (974.2 KB)

Hi Jordy- I am not seeing this yet in your file but I have seen it- try RebuildMesh or even Explode/Join and see if that sorts it out.


Jordy, can you post, or send me (via tech@mcneel.com) , the original stl file whatever was the source of the mesh?



Its made with vxscan and techmed 3d software. Ill ben back at my work monday. Ill send you the file then.

Here’s the original STL.
RebuildMesh will reset the stl one last time and is fixed after!
So that is the solution :slight_smile: I’ll just rebuildmesh every mesh that i get from that source to avoid any problems in the future.

OriginalMesh.zip (472.8 KB)

Hi Jordy - I am still not getting the problem with this mesh- to be sure, the problem is, once edited with a CageEdit, the mesh points no longer correspond to the apparent mesh shape, correct?



Correct, and I didn’t know how to solve the problem but it is fixed with RebuildMesh :slight_smile: