Can I use code read a .RWS file to get the worksession Pathes?

Hi,Dear All
I want to get the worksession 3dm file pathes by read rws file.
I have tried all the encode,but I get unreadable code.image

 Dim tencode As System.Text.Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.Default
 A = File.ReadAllText(RWSPath, tencode)

Have anyone done it before,Can give any tips. Thank you!

Hi @huaxiamengqing1,

A File3dm object is not capable of reading a .rws file. Why do you need to read this type of file?

– Dale

So do i, i want to reading RWS file, get the path of the collaboration file,thx.

Hi @Levin_Tse,

This is available in the WIP:

Does this help?

– Dale

Hi ,Dear @dale
I know you have exposed worksession sdk in rhino6, Good job. That will be very convient for us to use worksession.
But what I want is to get these pathes not open the rws files
Like you have done to 3dm file, When I select it, It will preview it notes. I hope rws file have the same function

This wish is on the to-do list.

– Dale

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Great, Hope no wait too long!