WISH : include .rws files in recently opened files

As we work on larger and larger projects, using Worksessions has become the norm.
Each designer on the project opens his .rws file which makes his own portion of the project active, while attaching the other parts for reference.
Apart from a few glitches with blocks (of course !) , worksessions are a great -and I suspect underutilized- feature in Rhino.

Yet, either in the “Recent” tab of the splashscreen, or in the lower part of the file menu, only recently opened .3dm files are listed.


+1 on that one.

When debugging from VisualStudio, it is quite annoying not to have easy access to worksession files from the splash screen or from the recent files list.

Maybe some boolean toggle in Options > Advanced, to let decide the user whether to display .rws or not will be an elegant solution for everyone.

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I would argue that if people don’t use worksessions, they won’t be bothered by them popping up…
The idea is to treat them like any other Rhino file, not create a specific section where the one .rws file you created 5 years ago by mistake will always stagnate.