Can I see all properties at once?

I have been thinking about this change to the UI for a long time. What do you think of it?
Would it be possible to show these kind of windows next to each other premanently?
Currently it is either one or the other?

I know some windows are only applicable for some kind of objects. In that case they could remain empty too.

Yep, but you can’t pull out the “sub-tabs” as separate panels… which is what I think he wants.

The problem is also that the number and type of sub-tabs (buttons) vary depending on the object(s) picked.

:man_facepalming: misread the question. Deleted my reply to avoid confusion

Bundling all the different properties tabs into sub tabs is a nightmare. For example when using Bongo you need to switch back and fourth between different property sub-tabs like crazy.

Bundling them like it is now should be optional (multiple main tabs) not forcing the hysterical clicking which is required now. In the Bongo case I often felt outright lost before I understood how to even find my way to the proper sub tabs. So, please:

  • make all different property panels fully freestanding (enable std tabs, that is)
  • make property-sub-tabs optional (or scrap them altogether).

// Rolf

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This proposal addresses the same question: