Can I run rhino in windows 7, 32 bit

Hi there
I was wondering if it was possible, to run rhinoceros in windows 7, 32 bit verison.

Sorry, no.
The System Requirements for Rhino V7 are:
Win 11, Win10, or Win8.1.
All are 64-bit.

The last version of 32-bit Rhino was V5, released 10 years ago.

Okay thanks… its just for the time being… so can i run rhino 5 in windows 7, 32 version?

Rhino V5 has not been available for purchase since V6 was released in Jan 2018.

understood. Thank you very much!

I hope you can find a newer computer that meets the Rhino 7 System Requirements.

I was under the impression will still had access to earlier software versions with a current version license, we just had to deactivate our current one to use it on the archive version. Assuming that’s true, couldn’t he just download 5 and use it in 32 bit?

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Hi Ryan -

That is true, yes. And you don’t have to deactivate anything - you are allowed to run Rhino 1 and Rhino 8 on the same machine at the same time.

A legacy Rhino 5 key can be obtained if a user has a new (i.e. not an upgrade) Rhino 6 or 7 Commercial or Educational single-user license - Rhino - Downloads
It didn’t sound like that was the case here though…