Install 32bit Rhinoceros5 on 64bit Windows 7

I downloaded the latest installer, but I could not install Rhino5- 32bit version on Windows 7 Pro 64bit. It automatically installed 64bit, I could not select version in installer.

I’d like to use some Python library module, that provided only 32bit.
I found that they can run only on 32bit Rhinoceros5 in some website.

I hope to install and use both 32bit, and 64bit version.


Hi Katsu - both should be installed on a 64 bit system - do you not have two Rhino icons on the desktop?


Hello pascal,

I overlooked the icons, so many icons on my desktop.

Now I understand Only “Rhinoceros 5” executes 32bit version…

I imagined that it may be installer option, so your reply was great help for me,

Thank you very much.