Can I increase the length of extrude after extrude command is finished using record history?

I am thinking is it possible to change the length of extrude after extrude command is finished. record history is a nice tool. it changes the shape of extruded surface when i change the shape of profile curve but can it also increase/decrease the length of extrude like i can do in grasshopper. I tried moving the control points and scaling but they breaks the history?

unfortunately that really breaks the history, it actually should not if you only change the height i would think. if you want to keep history control further even after changing the height you may try sweep instead, all input curves can be adjusted keeping history.

hmm, sweep rail dose the work. I thought now I can replace grasshopper with record history but I think record history is still not that powerful.
I tend to use grasshopper for all cases so that I if in future I want to tweak something I don’t have to redo all the work. I thought record history can do the trick but I don’t think it can now. :sweat_smile: