Surface does not update after I change the curves used to create it

I watched a tutorial, according to which, surfaces are expected to update after you change the curves used to create them. But for me, this is not working at all. For example: draw a rectangle -> extrude straight -> select the rectangle -> Edit points on-> move points -> Voila, nothing happens.

Any suggestions why?
Bunch of thanks!

In case you are interested in the tutorial, it is the video at the end of this page:

You need to have History turned on. Either left click the Record History panel in the status bar once just before you run Extrude - that is a one-shot deal and history will turn itself back off after the command finishes…


Right click in the Record History panel and check “Always record history”. It will then be “always-on”. Beware that this can have unexpected results with things like copies if you are not aware of the link between parents (originals) and children (copies).

If you already have History on and the children do not update, check to see if you have “Update children” checked in the same panel (right click).

HTH, --Mitch

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