Can i cut curves with curves in Grasshopper?


with the help of a really nice youtube tutorial I created a pattern. Towards the end of the definition the pattern is transformed into a surface and then extruded.
However, for my purposes I would like to leave the pattern as curves to use other outlines curves as cutting curves. I would place my outline curve over the pattern (while it is still curves and not made into a surface) and then cut the pattern leaving only what is inside the outline, deleting what is outside.

Can I cut curves with curves?

I have been able to cut the pattern when I first transform it into a surface and then cut it with “surface split” where my outline curve cuts the pattern surface.
But if I could cut the pattern while it is still curves, I would prefer that.

Thank you for your help.

2021_11_27_CuttingPatternWithCurve.3dm (1.4 MB) (22.6 KB)

Hi -

Yes. Get the intersections and then use the Shatter component.
Shatter (128.3 KB)

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thank you for the answer. this is super helpful.