Can a block inherit layer color?

Hi guys, I would like to have a block of a 2D tree on different layers with different grayscales to create an illusion of depth. Is that now possible in V7?

Hi Jorgen, setting the color of objects inside your block to Parent should result in them inheriting the color of whatever layer your block instances are.

Is THAT what parent is? :open_mouth:
I thought it had to do with history and children and had never looked it up…
Impressive how essential stuff can pass under the radar.

Yeah, it’s quite handy and only useful for objects inside blocks, really. Yours is a good scenario, but also imagine a block of a car model, where the material of the body color is set to parent. That way you can have many different car colors using single block definition.

Damn… I think I’ll have some fun with this for Holomark… :grinning:

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Rainbow Minis? Go for it! With ByParent setting, the block instance material can be either set to ByLayer to get it’s layer material, or just ByObject - in this case you can have a bunch of them on single layer, still having different colors. The higher level of abstraction is nested blocks also can be set ByParent… so as long as the chain of ByParent is not broken along the line, all nested blocks can inherit properties of the topmost block definition :slight_smile:

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