Block parents, block instances

Is it possible to have a block with two or more geometries that will have different display colors in each instance? With the “By Parent” method I can only make both of the geometries inside the block have the same color (dictated by the parent - block instance).

rhino block test.3dm (126.5 KB)

Hi Jakub -

It sounds like part of your question is missing. Your file shows that it is possible to do so…

Hi, sorry if I did not put it clearly. Maybe I will phrase it in the form of a task:
The scene shows 4 cylinders, can you set every cylinder to different custom colors without exploding block instances?

block instance overrides.3dm (516.1 KB)

I made a new example.
I think it’s impossible so it’s a wish.
I want to set different per-instance colors for the geometries inside blocks. The “By Parent” setting only allows for the 1 color override for the whole block instance.

@wim please let me know if it’s clear now.

From my understanding, no. There is only one path of inheritance, and so only one material that can be “different” instance to instance per block.

(I believe) You could set one of the block’s objects to inherit by layer, and then have some additional control from there, but the only instanced material choice is the one you set up for the block to inherit.