Calculating angle between 2 planes so they intersect in a specific place

Hi there,
I’m trying to calculate the right angle to rotate two planes (purple lines are the rotating axes) that they will intersect in a specific place (green line).
Maybe somone can explain me the maths behind this problem.


I’m seeing that both planes are intersecting on the RED line.

Yes, but I want them to intersect in green line. Current intersection (red line) is random.

Rotate3d lets you specify an axis and snap to points projected into the plane of rotation


Hello- making new planes using the Plane>3Point option seems like the right way to find these planes.
pt 1 = the intersection of the two rotation axes, pt 2 along the axis, pt 3 on the green line. Orient3Pt would do similar.

FindIntersectingPlanes.3dm (70.9 KB)

@jllibera i f that is not sorted out,can you please post your objects in a Rhino file?