Calculate project area

Hello there, i’m looking for a way to calculate the projected area of a part in a given direction (e.g: Z axis)

Is there any tool developed in Grasshopper that can help me ?

If you need an example of a part, ask .

Best Regards

An example part would be handy? Do you mean like a cross sectional area cut through an object?

what do you mean by projected area ?

you can use Bounding box on part or entire scene and measure area of each faces wih area command, does it help ?

example.3dm (136.9 KB)
Like this theres no way to get the exact projected area by bounding box

Can you draw on a screen shot what area you want to get? Im unsure if you want an internal cross-section or the area of a face or the area of the footprint of the part?

Hi Andre,
_MeshOutline gives you the outline(s)
then you can calculate the _Area of it.


May be i don’t understand , but a Bounding box produce a 6 Faces reprensenting area on each directions, just explode bbox and calculating area of faces you need , why you can’t get the exact projected area ?

I’m looking for the area of the red line (limits of the part)

Ok, i see, Jess gave solution .