Cad lines precision - display error (from and to autocad)

hi there,
since many years now i have encoutered this problem, basically lines imported from and to autocad always show a degree of imprecision in the graphic visualisation of the lines like this error.

This error is shown indipendently from the distance to the origin of the drawing.

from Rhino I alwys export with Natural settings, paying attention to export each line, poly and spline with the corresponding format in the autocad.

I wonder what is the cause, and if there is any definitive soliutiont to the problem. Anybody has found a solution?

Hi Federico -

I’m not sure if I fully understand the workflow here. You have a file that you have created in Rhino and export that (to .dwg or .dxf?) and then import that into Rhino again?

Can you post a simple 3dm file that shows the issue?

We’d need an example…if you zoom in far enough, you’ll always encounter that at some point, the accuracy of the display is limited.