C-Plane in perspective mode keeps changing on its own


I sent my initial bug report to Rhino support, but this is now happening a lot. My C-plane when in perspective mode will change all of the sudden after I do some simple command. The first time all I did was select a curve and my C-plane changed. It says it is on a custom c-plane setting but I didi not make any custom c-planes. Now this is happening when I do a extrude curve from the surface menu. I can not predict when this will happen but it is happening even when I turn off my C-plane and this is where things get messy. My curves end up all over the place and I only figured out why when I turned the grid back on. In the 1st image everything is normal. The second image all I did was select the curve for the nose of the aircraft and the entire C-Plane shifted on me. If I reset the C-plane and select the curve again, it changes again. I had to recreate the curve in order to resolve the issue, but then an extrude caused the same thing to happen. Very strange stuff.

Hi Jeremey - see if AutoCPlane is enabled, in the status bar at the bottom of the Rhino window.



Palm to face.
I am glad it was user error and not a bug.
Thank you Pascal. It indeed was activated. I never use it and must have accidentally clicked on it without knowing. Now I will never make that mistake again. Much appreciated!

Hi Jeremy- there is no way to know all of these things until you encounter them…