[C#] Panel guid change caused double listing - v5

Hi guys,

i have problem with panel made with c# i used example @dale shared somewhere here and used just for checking his guid for panel then changed to new guid but rhino now shows 2 options listed when right clicking for choosing prop tabs. Is there anyway to unregister from rhino previous guid?

When i delete plugin from rhino both options from listing disappears. I tried to rebuild but without luck - panel is still listed twice. I could try to create another guid for this panel and check if it will list it as 3rd option - but i dont want to make mess inside my properties tabs listing.

Any clue?

Check the registry for the guids. Remove any entries belonging to the unwanted one.

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Thanks @menno i found it in reg, deleted and now listing is ok. Good to know that i should look for guids in reg :slight_smile:

By the way are there any examples for grids, tables etc. in panels or collapsing tabs that looks the same way like in native rhino ui ?

Hi @D-W,

I don’t think we have docking panel samples that how how to use a fancy control. But if you are using WinForms, then you can use a ListView control to display a grid. I believe the collapsing stuff is our own custom stuff.

– Dale

Hi @dale

firstly: are there any c# samples for v5 still available? i see on git that all stuff is updated for v6 already.

secondly: i dont want anything fancy i just want to match native rhino ui for seamless experience i just need collapisible sections, sliders and tables etc. like in attachment - i thought it would be good if plugin will have same look like rhino ui for integrated (like built-in) feel.



Change the branch to 5:

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These are wrapped and available in RhinoCommon for v6 (Rhino WIP), but not in v5.

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Thanks @nathanletwory! I looked at this one eariler but v5 dont have eto right?

[EDIT]: I found this i assume it could lead me on proper track ?

For using Eto that is cool, but the collapsible sections have been wrapped only in RhinonWIP, the upcoming v6