C# Create multiple panels: ID already in use?


Dear community,

I tried to make and load two variants of the C# plugin SampleCsPanel created by Dale Fugier. Both of them work fine, but not at the same time. I have to unload the one when wanting to use the other. The reason is that I get the error: Unable to load plugin: ID already in use.

In the code, I found three GUID strings. I changed these (quite randomly I admit) and still get the same error when trying to load both…

So can anyone point me to a reference or explanation about using these ID’s and some best practices about using them when creating C# plugins for Rhino?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Filip Rooms


Did you change the Guid’s in the AssemblyInfo?


Dear Jordy1989,

Yes, I did try this (already showed in my initial search for “GUID” in Visual Studio), but that did not solve the issue…

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(Dale Fugier) #4

Instead of copying the project and manually editing uuids, it might be easier to just run the project wizard (in Visual Studio) again…


Or copy from 1 panel plugin to the other so you have 1 plugin with 2 panels. :slight_smile: