C# Need Help to create adjustable Extrusion!

Hello there, a friend and me are trying to find out how we can manipulate the shape of this extruded rectangle with the use of C#.
It is a “box” that was created in Grashopper and it should stay as an input!
Due to the fact that we are very new to C# we so far managed to extract a curve out of the box and divide it into n Points. How should we proceed now, to get an extrusion with manipulatable points.



We also tried this simple "for " loop, but we only get one adjustable controlpoint.
Can we get more then one control point with this loop?

Its quite urgent! :slight_smile:

Hi @User101,

I don’t believe there is enough here for any of us to help. You might want to more clearly state what you want to to or what problem you want to solve. What is the end objective? Also please provide any samples 3dm files and source code that you cannot make work.


– Dale