C# list command malfunction?

Hello all,

I am a beginner in learning C# in Grasshopper and maybe you could clear this particular doubt for me.
Whenever I try to code a new list, right after closing the function and inserting the open parenthesis, The function is translated into something known as Light.

I am attaching the pictures below.

Thank You.

this is a known bug, not related to Grasshopper, but to the open source editor underneath. You can skip it by pressing right and left arrow to surpress the wrong autocompletion. Its just one of those annoying issues… Rather worse is the lack of setting breakpoints and to debug.

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Maybe it can go away if you put

using System.Collections.Generic;

on top of the source, i.e. in the first white line (line 13 in your screen capture).

Ya. It is very annoying. Will see if there is a way around.

I tried. Still happening.