Grasshopper C# Editor | Erratic Auto Completion

please have a look at what is happening at line 72 while I am trying to type List<string>(). I am getting completely erratic auto completion, sometimes in the middle of the word, sometimes when I type >, sometimes when I hit space bar. Almost unusable. Any ideas? Feels like auto completion is lagging.

It’s there only for the purpose of driving you crazy. :wink:

// Rolf

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We know; it’s terrible when it comes to trying to work with generic lists. This is something we are hoping to improve upon in Rhino 8


Well … here’s the metaphor of the day: In the “good” old days Bentley Systems had 3 rendering engines (all 100% crap) and the favorite/recommended solution was to quit Microstation, export things to Maxwell (slow, ugly, faulty) do some rendering and then go back. The only person publicly (and rather loudly) declaring this as unacceptable/naive and dangerous (in the war against AutoDesk) was yours truly. Happily Ray Bentley took the decision to buy the rights to use the Luxology (used then in Modo) engine … and thus Microstation these days has the best rendering engine by some margin.

I hear you: what are you saying exactly? Well … the fact that there’s not a decent build in editor around is simply unacceptable and totally unproductive (for real-life teamwork workflows in the real-word).

I hear you: but there’s VS around. Indeed … the only “minor” issue is that part related with real-life and how frequently you do minor/medium changes in things (unless you are isolated deep in the woods while developing some stuff for calculating the mass of a black hole and the likes)…

Hi @stevebaer, instead of improving the editor, it would even be better to make dynamic loading of C# code possible, the same way Python components allow code input via a path. I know this is close to impossible with the statically typed C# and current GH - maybe GH2? And I know I have asked for it before :wink: .